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Slicksquare is a Switzerland-based team of programmers, musicians, electronics and designers with over 15 years of experience in music production.

We create high quality audio plugins and mobile apps.

A little more about us

At first, we begun studying DSP for purely artistic purposes. But we quickly got interested in experiencing further.

We wanted to have some tools to create our music that were simply not existing on the market at that time. So we decided to start developing our own.

We were initially focusing on platforms such as MAX / MSP which we quickly left for the widespread plugin standard… VST 2.4, programming using C++.

Gaining experience, we wanted to come up with something meaningful for musicians and producers. Something that would mean quality and genuinity.

Inspired by a well known hardware device of the 2000s, we re-imagined a virtual device for which we carefully modeled each and every electronic components. The SVF-42 was born.

But this is only the beginning…

At Slicksquare, we exclusively focus on high quality products, optimal users experience and in developing original ideas. All this, at reasonable prices.

So what about mobile apps in all this…

Mobile apps is one of the big thing nowadays. We simply got caught by the fever as you probably did as well.

We love apps and we want to use our skills to create something we hope you’ll love.

We are currently working on some ideas we think might get your interest.

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